HVAC Service in Long Island Jobs Bidding

Bidding for HVAC service in Long Island projects can require a high amount of skill and familiarity with the detailed mechanical processes required to perform any installation. HVAC bidding requires a working knowledge of refrigeration, gas lines, electrical, drainage, and sheet metal ducting, it is vitally important to take careful consideration of all factors for a project ahead of time so that you do not bid too light on labor time.

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Double Check all Long Island Building Codes and Permitting Costs

Initially an HVAC service in Long Island project may seem simple but often upon closer inspection, and with a little foresight into the process, we will find that complications can arise, and you’ll be thankful to have taken the time early in the process to avoid profit-killing roadblocks. For this reason, you should be absolutely certain to stay up to date on all Long Island building codes and standards. This will allow you to be aware of the level to which you will have to build out a project and give you an idea of the exact methods your installation will entail. Don’t forget to figure in the cost of building permits and inspections into your quote!


Carefully Examine the Full Blueprints

It is also important to carefully look over a full set of blueprints for the project if they are available, this will give you context as to what other work will be done around your HVAC service in Long Island project so that you can be sure to meet the specifications laid out in the building plans. You can also more easily figure up material lengths and quantities of components as well as dimensions if you reference the engineer’s original plans. When figuring out size requirements for gas pipes or amperage requirements for electrical circuits be sure to use the latest charts and engineering information. There is quite a bit of material available for this online, and your equipment manufacturer may even offer materials to help with planning your installation.


Make no Assumptions About Necessary Time and Components

The devil is in the details, no assumptions should be made about exactly what materials are required for any given installation. You should gather as much information about every aspect of even the simplest job so that you don’t end up losing productive time having to rearrange your strategy mid job or wait for parts because you failed to take something into account in the first place. Check and recheck, and you’ll come out on top in the end.


Know What the Client Wants and be Sure you can Provide it

Be sure to carefully check over the HVAC service in Long Island bidding requirements for the job to ensure that you have fully met the necessary criteria to sell it and make a profit. Don’t short yourself on labor-time. If you have a suspicion that a project might take longer, or that due to the size of your firm it might be more expensive to complete with your current resources you can partner with local plumbers or HVAC service contractors to help you complete the job. This saves you from making mistakes bidding on work that isn’t your specialty or in an area you aren’t familiar with. Don’t be afraid to bid on an ambitious job, just be smart about making sure you’ll have the resources necessary to complete it.